Wednesday, May 1, 2013

28 Candles

Birthdays are a big deal in my little life. You can ask Jory about how I feel regarding Birthdays. HUGE deal. Why wouldn't it be? Your day! Your only day in the whole entire year that's all about you! 

Jory will never live down the year (cough, cough, last year March 6- yours truly's birthday- he most definitely failed and has been making up for it ever since. That day he even let me pick his face all I wanted, just because he felt so bad. But that's for another day.)

This Saturday was Jory's birthday, his only request was to go mountain biking. LIGHTBULB. I would make a totally killer picnic. 

I had adorable ideas of  home made sparkling strawberry and vanilla bean sodas, served in small mason jars - maybe with a twine bow... and marscapone/pesto crossiant sanwhiches next to a plate of  cheese and fruit with crackers. You know. Totally picture perfect. You've seen it on FB and blogs, right? Those people who try to make you think that there's nothing more their man wants than fancy cheeses and interesting fruit. 

Well. I've decided those men aren't real men.

 It was Jory's birthday, I thought I should maybe ask him what he wants to eat on our romantic picnic. 

His answer? Doritos for side... and instead of my chocolate dipped strawberries idea... he wanted oreos and twizzlers. 


I still had some ideas up my sleeve- even with the manufactured crap he suggested to eat. Not saying I don't enjoy manufactured crap, I do love an occasional gummy bear. Maybe a daily few handfuls, of gummy bears.

This was a happy picture.

Two hours later.

This girl had just violently thrown her bike to the ground and shortly after collapsed with her helmet and all, waiting for her birthday prince charming to save her.  Next time we plan to complete this Alpine trail with out laying down in the dirt for 20 minutes in the middle of the climb.

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