Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our 2012

2012 was a good year!

(Okay so maybe it was December '11 but I'm scraping already... great start, ha!)

Jord and Ash get married. 
Best day ever. Sister in laws are the best, best, best


Our baby Gretchie's first litter


This girl turns 24. And this picture was seriously taken in March, outside. Remember how we pretty much skipped Winter? I've been dreaming about skipping winter lately.

Oh and Me and Jor made an ipod cake, we were pretty proud of it, I guess that's worth documenting for the month of March!

Jory built a shed.

Sarah did her first wedding


 I did my first sprint triathalon!

Jay left to the MTC for Sweden which still absolutely awesome and I love it so so much


New York/New Jersey. Sweden. Iceland. 


At this time this cute guy only has 9 months more left of school. Over 1/2 way done!
And there were tons of fires. 


Jory's little tooth is no more
August is when found out we were pregnant. And ectopic. Had surgery #1.


Had surgery #2. To remove the ruptured tube, again.
Jory fixes things when I recover. and he becomes addicted. to fixing things.

October and November

 busiest month of photoshoots- just a few of my fav's



Jory's got his tooth- he's turned in his application for School at Alpine and Jordan School districts... and now we wait for interviews!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Christmas extension

So the best part of Christmas is obviously- Christmas. Family, food, presents... the whole thing, I love it, like everyone does. But you know whats even better?! When you can stretch Christmas out a bit longer by going on a quick get-a-way the day after ... 

Seriously the best idea I think we've ever had and I think we need to make this a tradition. We booked a groupon getaway with our besties Jenn and Mike and it was so perfect to do it the day after Christmas!

Besides the fact that it snowed-more that day then any day prior to Christmas (just our lucky luck) and I think everyone else in the world decided that extending their Christmas Holiday was a awesome idea too, because- there were more people there than I have ever seen in my life. 

It was cold, so that was depressing looking through window at the drained pool. Whenever you are in Vegas you're supposed to be hot and in a tank top with a swim suit under it with awesome tan lines and swoob and love it! But it's okay. 'Cause we had tons of fun just spending time with Jenn and Mike! 

Our camera was being a little frustrating with the flash not wanting to cooperate so our pictures that we actually took were a little sad. But the spa package with cold cucumbers and robes made it all the camera issues worth it. 

View from our room of the breathtaking strip. Just kidding, but it was pretty cool, we're too cheap to usually get strip view rooms. Me and my penny pinching hubsta

Oddly enough one of Jory's favorite things to do in Vegas is watch the Volcano show at the Mirage. It's what we mormons find fun

(Not sure what was going on with my belt. But I apparently thought it looked great)

I will always accept a lemon challenge.

I loathe the M&M factory. I will not take my children here. There are far too many people squished into this busy life sucking space and everything is pointless and too expensive. There are no seats in sight and why are you always so exhausted when you're in there? Oh I know, it's because there's 4 levels of death and when your friends want to see every floor it is painful. In every way. I was not happy enough to be in a M&M picture.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

snow day!

I love the snow so much! Yes, sometimes I think my reality of loving snow is just the looks of it, while I am inside my overly heated house wearing my spandex pants and a sweater, enjoying it from a distance... but sometimes we venture out and play in it and I love it then too. In small increments. Because seriously it is freezing outside and I can't hardly believe how freezing it actually is. We're changing out bunnies water up to 3 times a day because it freezes for crying out loud! Sorry I was going to try to keep them out of this post today.  

Anyway, we had a recent adventure up American Fork Canyon. You see, we're trying to use our annual national park pass as much as possible and we're not doing so hot. But isn't it so awesome that we can drive 25 minutes and be up in the gorgeous mountains? We totally love it and wish we had more Christmas length breaks more often so we can four wheel and freeze our faces off.  How easy is it to get frost bite again? Because I think we were close. 

Pulling our main man on a sled. Doesn't it seem like kids never ever get cold? I just don't really get that. I'm convinced they're snow machines.

 Jory's cute parents who are always such good sports

Scotty trying to look like it's relaxing being in negative degree weather. on a sled. with the wind chill. and snow packed in every facial crevasse