Sunday, May 19, 2013

you've got to get ready to expect good pictures of yourself

This is what I have come to realize after again, another sad representation of how I think I look on these fun last minute get aways. 

But that's okay. 

Scofield! We ate really big strawberries. Burned holes in expensive shorts. Made smores and played games that made us reenact laughing hyenas (not one of my finest moments, but then again, maybe it was?). We snoozed and played monopoly- sometimes at the same time. Four wheeled with a child's byu football  helmet. Stepped into sinking mud holes. Got in arguments over wheat and ore. Ate life and fished in hail. didn't catch one crawdad and found the end of the rainbow!

All in 24 hours. 

We LOVE Scofield weekends, and can't wait for next weekend to visit Jory's sister and brother in law and their new babe! Henry Owen. 

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