Sunday, May 5, 2013


Jor's home a lot now, and I love it. 

You know what's the best part? I don't feel guilty asking him to do things, now that I know he isn't stressed out to the max with homework and school. 

So, I ask him do things, and he does them like the perfect husband should. Ha...

He's actually super helpful and I feel totally blessed to have a husband with that quality. Anyway. I had a photo shoot last night and didn't have time to make dinner before I left, I mentioned to him that we had some stuff to maybe make a bbq chicken pizza, there was some chicken in the fridge and we had some cheese- you figure out the bread... and that was about all I said.


BBQ chicken heaven pizza made from scratch. Have you ever MADE a pizza that looked like this?

I haven't.

He was so giddy and proud of his accomplishment, he even used phrases like "and I let the yeast do it's thing..." and "I folded the dough, you know? Like I folded it!" and "I even threw it in the air. Like a chef! I could really see myself doing this more."

I could really see himself doing this more, too. Like every night would be awesome. 

: )

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  1. How did the masterpiece taste? I made my mouth water.