Sunday, June 2, 2013

schools out for the summer!

When cleaning out Jory's classroom (because IT'S SUMMER, yahooooo!) he showed me this hilarious newspaper assignment one of his kids did about Mr. Schmidt.

(Mr. Schmidt's next job)

The best part...

"I know a few kids who don't honestly care but... it's a major achievement!"
 Funniest thing, ever. Kids are so funny. I get to hear the best stories every day, I love it!

 So, yes! Jory will be the new "TSA" at Sage Hills Elementary. The same school he's been teaching at. He doesn't get paid quite the salary of a assistant principal, but will be doing only administrative duties which is awesome, and totally what we need to build his resume. We feel so blessed. 

Now, HONEY-DO'S for Jory 'cause Sarah still works full time. 
It's like I have a stay at home husband! I absolutely love it. 

Yay for summer time!

 Now, if it wasn't so dang hard to get up in the mornings. All I want to do is sleep in with my man...

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