Monday, June 3, 2013

babysitting and bearworld

Jor and I got our babysitting on a few weekends ago. 
We went up to Idaho to visit Jory's sister and husband and new babe! His name is Henry and he's totally adorable. We are NEVER around newborns unsupervised so it was a pretty big deal for us. We babysat. By our SELVES for a afternoon. It was fun.

And after 4 hours we were so tired we honestly didn't speak because it took too much energy. So we just drove to Rexburg, (got a snoasis- I did have enough energy for that) and we found a park. We joined the 3,000 other couples in that town and snuggled up on a blanket and passed out for the next hour and half. I thought it was pretty funny, sleeping in a park and all. 

I thought it was funny how tired we were after just an afternoon of watching Henry. I guess us future parents have got to really start, preparing. Or something. Or maybe just get all the sleep we can get because we won't be getting much of that. We're pretty good at doing that already though, sleeping. 

Mr. Henry

I love this picture! Finally after DAYS literally of trying to get a good picture of him, we slid this cutie in a basket and he finally fell asleep... and stayed asleep!

Did you know that there is a Bear World in Rexburg? 

We didn't, really. And after we saw the signs, we of course had to go. We were like giddy little school... children. It really was pretty funny and we had a lot of fun. 

Okay, picture overload. I was so bugged that we couldn't roll our windows down. Those bears were totally harmless. We may have got a talkin' to because he tried to break the rules. I still think I got some good pictures, regardless. 

So, moral of this trip. I love babies even when they cry a lot. We still want to be parents, so that's good. I love doing anything with Jory. I really like the fields in Idaho. And bears and buffalo are really neat animals even if they shed and look kind of ugly at times. 

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